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Wanhua Chemical offers diverse solutions for a sustainable future

Mar 22, 2024

Wanhua Chemical has followed the trend of renewable, recyclable and sustainable development. The leading global supplier of innovative chemical products has launched innovative low-carbon material solutions in recent years, which effectively help multiple industries reduce carbon emissions and promote the development of circular economy.

Biodegradable materials help reduce the carbon footprint

Focusing on exploring the path of green industrial chain, Wanhua Chemical has launched Waneco® PBAT/PLA degradable solution, and jointly expanded the application boundary of degradable materials with partners, continuously enriched the disposable packaging, express, catering daily necessities, agriculture, medical treatment, 3D printing and other fields, to help users reduce their carbon footprint.

With PBAT as the main raw material, we have launched Waneco®T18 for agricultural mulch. Under natural soil conditions, it can be directly buried or co-processed with abandoned agricultural crop residues and animal manure. It can be completely decomposed into harmless substances such as carbon dioxide and water in only 6-12 months, effectively reducing agricultural pollution and further implementing the concept of green development.

For application scenarios such as supermarket convenience, catering and retail, Waneco® TF2035/TF1325 have excellent strength and puncture resistance, making it less prone to be damaged during use. They can be composted and are easy to print, making processing and handling easier.

The Waneco®TF2030/TF2001 for express packaging have excellent heat sealing, bonding and processing, gas retention performance, quickly completing sealing operations, and strong buffering effect, effectively promoting the upgrading of environmental protection packaging in transportation industry.

In addition, Waneco®AE2302/AE2330, special materials for degradable injection molding, are launched for plastic daily use such as cutlery, straw, disposable knife, fork and spoon, heat-resistant ceramic tableware and so on. It has fast crystallization speed, high cleanliness, good fluidity and can be degraded into pollution-free ingredients as well.

Bio-based products boost green consumption

Wanhua Chemical has set up a bio-based innovation research and development platform, bringing bio-based material solutions to the industry. The raw materials of these solutions originate from non-food chain corn starch, bio-waste, and natural oils.

WANTHANE®WHT-ECO TPU is made of 10%-100% biomass content raw materials. The product can constantly improve the low-carbon industrial chain of footwear, film, electronics, and other fields. It is worth noting that WANTHANE®WHT-ECO13595 has been awarded the UL Green Environmental Statement Certification, making it the first bio-based TPU product in the industry to receive UL certification.

The bio-based polyether products, WANOL®FB340 and WANOL®FB350, contain over 50% biomass content, making them ideal for the furniture, automotive, and other industries. These products offer green solutions that can reduce the carbon footprint by 30% to 50% when compared to traditional products. Additionally, WANOL®FB340 and WANOL®FB350 have low odor and low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, making them more environmentally friendly. The products made from these materials can even be certified as organic by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

In order to help consumers improve indoor air quality, we have developed a high-end emulsion Archsol® 8177&8179 for interior wall latex paint, which can meet the stringent requirements of high-performance coatings, and further promote the green health process of the coating industry.

Recycling technologies embrace circular economy

• Physical recycling

As a manufacturer with the integrated industrial chain, Wanhua Chemical has joined hands with the partners to establish a complete quality management system. PC materials from abandoned headlights and buckets can be re-granted into Waneco®rPC after multiple processes such as crushing and cleaning, and the traceability of the full recycling chain will be ensure. The material has obtained the GRS and UL2809 certifications, and meets the customized needs of multiple industries, boosting terminal green consumption.

• Chemical recycling

We take technology as the main driving force of the circular economy, and realize the non-degradation of the performance of recycled materials from the source. Through a series of chemical cycle solutions such as polyurethane foam recycling, waste PP/PE recycling and waste PC recycling, we help customers significantly reduce the carbon footprint of products, and provide high-quality recycled materials comparable to the original materials.

It is worth mentioning that Wanhua Chemical launched the solution of polyurethane foam recycling, which reorganizes waste polyurethane materials through chemical methods. It opened a new channel for industries like refrigeration, mattress or automobile dismantling to deal with the waste PU foam and empower the value chain both in economic and environmental aspects.

In the future, Wanhua Chemical will join hands with more customers, explore more opportunities to cooperate with partners, strive to provide more sustainable low-carbon material solutions for diversified segments, and create a better life for all.

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